3 Spooked Girls is created and produced by two long-time ghoul friends that have an obsession for the paranormal and true crime. Come hang out with the girls weekly (sometimes multiple times a week) and hear about all things that go bump in the night.


Hey Spooksters, my name is Tara and I currently live up in Alaska with my husband, mini Spooksters, and dogs. My love for paranormal & true crime began in my childhood when I would binge watch Unsolved Mysteries and America’s Most Wanted. Along with that, I also have had my own personal encounters with the paranormal since I was very young. My love and curiosity for both topics is what helped create the brain child of this podcast!


Hey Spooksters, my name is Jessica and I am Tara’s podcast other half! I live right in the middle of the Golden State Killers favorite hunting ground, Sacramento, CA! My husband and I have one fur-baby, a 4 year-old German Shepard named Chloe. I am the podcast resident chicken shit as I am afraid of everything! My love of the paranormal and true crime started in my childhood when I read the “Tell, Tell Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe. I have had a few paranormal encounters through out my life (check our encounters episode for more details) and I am such a sucker for true crime and serial killers.